Making Better Meals

Making Better Meals

Chinese Food Is Great For Catered Events

If you are going to be holding a business event, then you'll want to make sure you have everything in order. You should choose a location that is going to be large enough for all of the people you are expecting, as well as any guests of those people. You'll want to have adequate seating available, as well as tables. If you can rent a banquet hall that has all these th

Wedding Reception Catering Ideas For Country Barn Venues

If you and your fiance enjoy a relaxed, country-inspired lifestyle, a barn may be the ideal wedding venue for you. For a cohesive feel, plan a casual lunch or dinner menu that will tempt guests with plenty of comfort foods, as well as fare that can be prepared outdoors on the grill. Even though your wedding reception venue is rustic, you can still serve creative dishe

Why Try Flavored Coffee?

If you have an individual cup coffee maker, you can make more than just the basic cup of coffee. Coffee pods such as flavored K cups come in a variety of flavors and even have tea varieties you can try, including chai tea. You can even have apple cider if you want. Should you introduce flavored coffee to your normal coffee-drinking routine? Here are a few reasons

Three Ways To Make Your Pizza Delivery Menu More Family-Friendly

When it comes to ordering pizza for the family, parents want to make sure that everyone in the household is getting something they like. With some pizza delivery menus, this can be difficult. Here are a few ways you can reshape your offerings to appeal to more families and hopefully bring in more sales. Kids' Individual Meals Kids can be picky, and that sometimes mean

Stocking A Bar? Seven Glassware Items You Need To Have

If you're like most restaurant owners who are on the verge of adding adult beverages to your menu, you're probably wondering how to stock a basic bar with the proper glasses. Many fledgling bar owners overthink glassware, but it's best to simply start with the basic and grow from there on an as-needed basis. Following are seven essential glassware items that provide a