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3 Ways To Try Lobster Besides Traditional Menu Items

If you've never really eaten lobster in your life, then you may feel hesitant to dive right in and eat a regular boiled lobster or a lobster roll. Fortunately, when you visit a seafood shop, you can lobster prepared in a variety of ways where the crustacean plays more of a supporting role rather than the main star of the dish.

Consider some of the alternative options and find ways to enjoy the flavors of lobster without the need to crack claws or purchase an oversized lobster roll.

1. Lobster Mac & Cheese

Enjoy small chunks of lobster mixed into baked macaroni and cheese. The lobster doesn't overwhelm the whole dish and combines with the cheese to create a nice flavor and smooth texture. Some seafood locations will top off the dish with breadcrumbs for extra flavor and texture.

The chunks of lobster are a nice way to try the seafood without being the main part of the dish. In some cases, you could add red pepper flakes or hot sauce if you want to add a little extra spice to the meal.

2. Lobster Bisque

If you're worried about the texture of lobster or chewing the meat, then consider a smooth lobster bisque. A bisque may feature small bits of lobster, but the creamy texture and flavors will really stand out as you enjoy the soup. You can add some oyster crackers to the bisque and create a nice salty flavor in your mouth.

A seafood store may pair the bisque with another meal like a sandwich or grilled cheese. You could dip the sandwich right into the bisque and enjoy the lobster flavors on your sandwich as well.

3. Lobster Pops

A seafood version of a corn dog features lobster dipped in batter and deep-fried. The deep-fried batter adds a nice crunch and a lot of flavor to the lobster underneath. Ideally, lobster pops are small enough so you can order some side dishes and do not need to worry about a huge portion of lobster to eat.

Along with the deep-fried lobster, you can request a dipping sauce to add different flavors. For example, you could dip the lobster pop into a spicy sauce or a mayo-based sauce with different flavors. The sauces will help enhance the flavors of the lobster and create unique tastes. You can order a lobster pop to go along with the main dishes or as an appetizer.

Keep all these items in mind the next time you visit a seafood shop.