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Making The Switch To Colombian Whole Bean Coffee

If you're a coffee drinker who still buys the pre-ground stuff, it's time to make a change! Whole bean coffee is known for being fresher, more flavorful, and better quality than pre-ground coffee. Plus, you have more control when brewing it. Once you make the change, you will be glad you did — but there are a few tips you'll want to follow along the way for the best results.

Buy good-quality beans.

Since you are bothering to make the change, presumably so you can enjoy higher-quality coffee, it's important that you buy good beans. Colombian beans are a good place to start. The exact flavor notes will depend on where the coffee is grown and how it is roasted, but in general, Colombian coffees tend to be full-bodied with nuanced, complex, but smooth flavors. Colombian coffees also brew well with a lot of methods, which makes them a good choice for someone who is just switching to whole bean coffee and figuring out how they like it brewed.

Grind it right before you make it.

Some people buy whole bean coffee and then grind the whole bag. This sort of defeats the purpose. Sure, the first couple of cups will taste fresher, but after that, you'll basically be drinking pre-ground coffee again. Grinding your coffee only takes a minute or two, so do it fresh every day to get the most out of your quality, Colombian beans.

Experiment with pour-over and French press coffee makers.

Yes, you can make your freshly ground coffee in a standard, drip-style coffee maker. However, if you want to get the most out of your coffee, you should try brewing it with either a pour-over coffee maker or a French press. Neither of these styles of coffee maker is expensive. In fact, you can find cheap pour-overs for just a couple of dollars. These methods give you more control over the coffee brewing process. The French press keeps the water in contact with the ground coffee for longer, which results in a more complex flavor. The pour-over lets you observe the brewing process, which can be quite educational.

By experimenting with different brewing processes, using quality Colombian beans, and grinding your beans every day, you can fully enjoy making the switch to whole bean coffee. Before long, you'll be a dedicated member of the whole bean club!

For more information, contact a Colombian whole bean coffee supplier in your area.