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Two Reasons To Add More Apple Cider Vinegar To Your Diet


Apple cider vinegar is a tart, potent liquid made from crushed apples, yeast, and sugar. It's used in so many ways and the style differs based on who you happen to be speaking to. You may recall seeing a trusty bottle of apple cider vinegar in your Grandmother's pantry and might have tried a little, only to be taken aback by the tang. However, although the flavor is often considered an acquired taste, it might be time for you to give the vinegar a shot. Take a look at two important reasons why it's a good idea to include more apple cider vinegar in your diet starting today.

Apple Cider Vinegar Is Great For Dressings & Marinades

If you're the type of person who prefers loose salad dressings over their thicker counterparts, you should definitely give apple cider vinegar a shot. You can whip up some amazing dressings in record time with minimal ingredients. The Internet is chock full of recipe ideas to get you going. All it takes is a little imagination and a dash of creativity to put together a delicious dressing that pairs well with nearly anything!

Apple cider vinegar and lemon are fantastic dancing partners. Throw in a few pinches of salt, along with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and you instantly have a satisfying dressing to pour over the salad of your choice. You can also feel free to use the vinegar as an excellent marinade for chicken and other cuts of meat. Marinating your meats before cooking helps to bring out the flavor and tenderize them so the dish melts in your mouth the moment it touches your palate.

Apple Cider Vinegar Could Keep Your Diabetes In Check

If you have diabetes or struggle to keep your blood sugar levels in check apple cider vinegar may be able to be of assistance. Research suggests that ingesting apple cider vinegar while consuming a meal rich in complex carbohydrates could help to reduce your post-meal blood glucose levels significantly. This is an amazing finding because just doing something so seemingly minor could have a pretty substantial impact on your health status.

There are so many ways to use apple cider vinegar and you don't want to limit yourself. Incorporate these tips into your diet so you can consume more apple cider vinegar — and don't be afraid to branch out and see what you can come up with right away.