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Incredible Ways To Announce You Are Expecting Using Food As The Signal

In recent years, people love to reveal their pregnancy in interesting and unique ways, including "gender reveal" parties. Today, here are some ideas on how to take an ordinary baby rattle cookie cutter and turn it into food that will announce to friends and family that you are expecting. 

Artistic Sugar Cookies

Depending on how many friends and family you have, you can make a small batch of these artistic cookies for each family or individual friend. Make a large batch of sugar cookie dough, roll it out, and use the baby rattle cutter to cut as many cookies as you can. After the cookies cool, ice them first with white icing. Then, depending on whether or not you already know the sex of the baby, decorate them with dribbles of pink or blue icing, or paint cute baby images on the solidified white icing using a pastry chef's brushes and icing colors diluted with a little water. To each family, mail or give a small box of cookies with an announcement note tucked inside clear plastic wrap in the box. 

Cake Cut-outs

Get additional baby symbol cookie cutters, such as a baby bottle, safety pin, stork, etc. Bake a large flat cake in a jelly roll pan. Cut the sheet cake in half and frost that half with your choice of frosting. (If you want, frost it strawberry pink for girls and blue raspberry or blueberry or cotton candy blue for boys.) With the remaining slab of sheet cake, cut out the shapes using the baby symbol cookie cutters. Frost these separately, and either place them on the remaining sheet cake or around the sheet cake. Then write your baby's due date on the cake. Take a picture and send it to everyone, or invite them over for a family gathering and bring the cake out for a surprise dessert!

Cookies AND Cake

Make a standard double-decker round cake, frosted any way you like. Then make the artistic cookies from above. "Glue" the cookies to the sides of the round cake with icing to decorate the cake and show friends and family a unique and tasty treat that announces you are expecting. A lot of pregnant ladies love this suggestion because they can have their cake and eat their cookies too. It is also very decorative and fun, and it leaves you with lots to eat. 

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