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Why Try Flavored Coffee?

If you have an individual cup coffee maker, you can make more than just the basic cup of coffee. Coffee pods such as flavored K cups come in a variety of flavors and even have tea varieties you can try, including chai tea. You can even have apple cider if you want.

Should you introduce flavored coffee to your normal coffee-drinking routine? Here are a few reasons why this may be a good idea. You can buy your individual coffee pods in a set, in bulk, or in a custom assortment by buying them individually as you want to try them. You can buy these coffee flavors online, at your local department store, or from a wholesaler.

You try something new

Coffee comes in a variety of flavors that you can enjoy. From vanilla to caramel to cinnamon, including flavors of different countries, you can explore your coffee tastes and see what you really love. What makes individual cups so convenient is this: if you're unsure about the flavors you want to try, you can buy only one or two cups rather than a whole bag of coffee. If you don't like the flavors you've tried, you haven't wasted your money on a whole bag of beans or ground coffee.

You use less sweetener

Do you love to put a lot of sugar or sweetener in your coffee to make each cup taste the way you want? If so, then you can cut back on your sweetener by trying decadent, sweeter flavors that are already mixed into the brew. This way, you allow your coffee choice to stay more authentic in its flavor and you save yourself the calories and extra sugars in your diet.

You have coffee for different needs

When you try new flavors of coffee, you have a different type of brew for various occasions. Your morning brew can be a traditional dark or classic cup of coffee. For dessert or for company, you can switch to another, sweeter flavor. For relaxation, you can try a peppermint-flavored coffee. Having different flavors on hand allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee at any time of day that's perfect for the occasion in which you are drinking.

You can store your flavored coffee pods in your cupboard or in the refrigerator unopened to keep their freshness. Rotate your flavors as you wish, or stick to a new flavor you love. This way, you can always have your favorite coffee ready to go.