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Delicious Dishes To Try When You Visit A Southern Restaurant

Southern cuisine is known for comforting recipes that have been made and perfected by Southern chefs for hundreds of years. Today, Southern restaurants can be found across the country, and many people enjoy having a taste of the South no matter where they may live. From modern Southern food restaurants that put a twist on the classics, to traditional restaurants that have been using the same recipes for decades, you can't go wrong visiting a Southern restaurant when you want delicious food that will leave you full and satisfied. If you're planning to visit a Southern restaurant in your area, make sure to try the following dishes that the South is famous for:

Fried Chicken

One of the most famous dishes to come out of the South is fried chicken, so if you visit a Southern restaurant that has fried chicken on the menu, you have to try it. Southern chefs use a variety of herbs and spices to flavor their fried chicken before cooking it in hot oil to keep it moist and juicy. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who can resist the taste of hot, fresh, Southern fried chicken.

Collard Greens

Everyone knows that vegetables have a ton of vitamins and nutrients, especially dark green leafy vegetables, but not everyone enjoys the taste. Even if you're not a veggie-lover, you have to order collard greens when you're at a Southern restaurant. Collard greens have been a staple of Southern cooking for hundreds of years, and the greens are flavored with onions, ham, garlic, and other seasonings to create an incredibly satisfying vegetable dish.


There is no biscuit like a fresh biscuit made from a Southern recipe — biscuits are served at almost every meal in the South, from breakfast until dinner, so it is not surprising that you will find traditional biscuits at any Southern restaurant. Whether you're enjoying biscuits with hot sausage gravy or buttering a biscuit while eating juicy fried chicken, you probably going to want to eat more than one.

BBQ Pulled Pork

BBQ and the South go hand in hand, and some of the best BBQ around is based on Southern recipes. Southern BBQ pulled pork starts out with cuts of pork that are smoked and cooked over low heat for many hours until completely tender. After the cooking process is completed and the pork has been pulled, a tangy BBQ sauce is added to the meat. You can eat Southern BBQ pulled pork by itself or have it on a fresh baked bun for a delicious sandwich.