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Three Ways To Make Your Pizza Delivery Menu More Family-Friendly

When it comes to ordering pizza for the family, parents want to make sure that everyone in the household is getting something they like. With some pizza delivery menus, this can be difficult. Here are a few ways you can reshape your offerings to appeal to more families and hopefully bring in more sales.

Kids' Individual Meals

Kids can be picky, and that sometimes means not wanting the same toppings as the adults or even the other kids in the house. Consider offering individual meals for kids that parents can choose to end dinnertime battles. The meals might consist of a personal-size pizza, or they can include a large single slice. Be sure to offer a few options for a side dish, such as French fries, fruit, or bread sticks. This can make the meal feel more like a value while giving kids plenty to snack on.

Pasta Add-Ons

Pasta can be a great option for keeping picky eaters happy, and it can also make a tasty side dish for your pizza meal. Add a past upsell to your pizza deals to encourage that extra  purchase and add some extra variety to deliveries. You can offer plain noodles with butter and Parmesan to tempt picky eaters, or you can go for a classic spaghetti and meatballs to make pizza night feel more like a family meal night. If your restaurant doesn't serve a lot of pasta, consider choosing one pasta special each night to sell. This helps keep your menu more manageable.

Sharing Sandwiches

Not every night has to be pizza night, and expanding your pizza delivery menu to include  sandwiches can help boost your business. Try your hand at large sharing sandwiches, which can be enjoyed by the entire family. These sandwiches can come in different lengths, such as 3 feet or 5 feet, to cater to families of different sizes. Sub-style options can be great for summertime, but be sure to add some heartier recipes as well. A long meatball sub topped with cheese and peppers can be a great way to satisfy hunger in the winter. Be sure to let customers know that they can order toppings on their sandwiches much like they do with their pizzas. You could, for example, allow customers to order half without onions, lettuce, or peppers to appeal to little ones. Another way to keep kids happy is to create a mini version of the sharing sandwiches they can split with a sibling.